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In Honour of the One

(This appeared in Mid-Day with the byline Genesia Tahilramani on August 19, 2002) Ladies and gentlemen (if you swing that way), the Holy Grail of the Goodlooking Male has been found. It is, veritably, the land of the Greek God. … Continue reading

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The Game-On Parent

I’ve heard some people almost boast, ‘oh I’m a hands-on parent’. I am barely impressed by that. That doesn’t cover it, does it? What an inadequate term.  I’m hands, feet, boomps-a-daisy… a Game-On parent. Life is not a highway, life … Continue reading

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He liked big butts (and also probably, televised sport)

(This is from my old column in Mid-Day. It appeared Sept 23, 2002) An unfortunately named Randy Jirtle has been given money to spend time researching why some people have more hindsight than others. So he’s spent years and pounds … Continue reading

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I have always watched the feet. Of women… Not just the texture, the varnish, the larger second toe (sure sign of a hen-pecked husband they say). Not the style of footwear, though that can be telling… The way the shoe is … Continue reading

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